Old Durham County

Hope Township - Tremaine's Map - 1861

Note:  If this map appears a little "fuzzy", please order a  PDF copy from Sher via e-mail or an enlarged version for $1 by post       

 Concession 10

Ninth Concession Road

 Concession 9

 Eighth Concession Road


 Concession 8

 Seventh Concession Road

 Concession 7

 Sixth Concession Road

 Concession 6

 Fifth Concession Road


 Concession 5

 Fourth Concession Road

 Concession 4

 Third Concession Road

Concession 3

Second  Concession Road, known partially as Hwy 2, then from  Welcome/Guideborad eastward, as Dale Road

Concession 2

First Concession Road

Concession 1

Broken Front


Note:  The farms in the 10th Concession were only 100 acres in size, while the farms in the other Concessions were 200 acres each.  The farms in the Broken Front were all part of the farms of the 1st Concession.